Week One, Day One

19 01 2010

Well its day one of training, and already its been more eventful than expected. My training plan for the week calls for 4 days of 30 minute run and rest the other 3 days.  This shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for me endurance wise since last spring I was running up to 7 miles but I haven’t run consistently since then so we’ll see.

My run today started out to the sounds of Pearl Jam’s Better Man. It made me think of a song that would be playing in the background of a movie if the girl was running away from life, random I know.

The run went fine, mostly. I decided to wear a pair of sweatpants that while looking very cute, are slightly loose…I knew it could prove to be problematic but decided to wear them anyways. Bad call.  Two minutes into the run they started slipping down… I’m pretty sure any cute points I got for wearing the pants were negated by the fact that I had to keep pulling them up every minute or so.

Despite my oversized pants problem. I made it through the run without wanting to die or needing to stop and walk. I ended my run on the road that was right behind my backyard and so decided to be lazy and walk through the construction are of the house being built behind our house. This was my second mistake. The yard in preparation for the yard and driveway was covered in newly laid dirt which after the thawing of the snow has turned into thick mud.  By the time I’d made it the 50 ft or so to our backyard my shoes were covered in about a 1/2 inch of disgusting, sticky mud. After 20 minutes of being cut by thorns trying to get to a hose that didn’t work and being spattered in mud when i tried to bang the mud off my shoes I finally remembered the sink in the basement and managed to see the bottom of my shoes again…let’s just hope they are dry before my next run!




One response

19 01 2010

So I think I’ve decided that I need a challenge in my life that is not school related. Haha Before today I thought that anyone wanting to run a marathon must be crazy but I think it would a good way to get and stay in shape. I have to admit, I don’t want to slow you down haha. I ran track in high school but gladly gave it up in college. Lately I’ve been working out at the gym but it gets old and I like to change it up. I think if i decided to join you, I’d want to sign up for the marathon to make sure that I couldn’t back down. Where do you run? What time? What does this training schedule look like? You can call me if you don’t want to write it all up.


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