Week Two, Day One

25 01 2010

With week one over, I was expecting week two to be a bit easier. We are following the same training schedule as last week. Four days of 30 minute runs and three days of rest interspersed throughout. If this morning was any indication though, I was very wrong.

Throughout our run I had to stop and drink water twice this morning and our pace was noticeably slower than normal. I felt like quitting many times. I am hoping it was only because I didn’t follow my normal routine of waking up an hour early to eat and hydrate, and the four hours of sleep I got the night before that made the run much harder. I guess we will find out soon. 🙂

P.S. The body stats are in, and while most have not changed with only one week of exercising and adjusted diet I have lost 5 lbs since last week! I know I can’t keep up that kind of change from week to week but its a promising start!




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