Week Two, Day Three…Dodging the Marines…

29 01 2010

Today was our first day running in the evening. I have to admit it was really nice waking up this morning around 9 instead of 6:50. Their were only two minor problem that we encountered: 1) the track is much much more crowded in the evening  and 2) Marines run erratically. Kelly described the running as slalom skiing  since we were so frequently bouncing back and forth across the track trying to avoid being hit or running into someone. But at least it gave us something to take our mind off the running.

Actually the run itself went great. We upped our pace a little, shaving about 5 seconds a mile off our pace, and at the end of the run instead of feeling exhausted I actually felt energized. The only time I had any problems with the run was with 2 minutes to go when I got a cramp in my side. I’m hoping that Sunday we can up our pace even more so that soon we’ll be running 10 minute miles on our short run days.




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