Four miles done!

3 02 2010

So I’ve decided that whoever is reading this can probably figure out which week we are in for training if I post it just once during the week and so I don’t need to post it in the title each day. Lucky for you this means I have to now attempt to come up with creative titles for each day of running. Which we all know I will not be successful doing, but I will try 🙂 I would like to apologize in advance though if my writing is a little random and jumpy today. I’ve been locked in the room with my dog who has decided that he should be the sole focus of my universe and so is constantly interrupting my train of thought…He is so cute though…

But anyway, today was the dreaded first increase in running. Instead of our comfortable 3 mile run we ran 4 whole miles. I know it seems impossible right? Well have no fear we conquered the 4 miled beast with ease. Mostly. Lisa did start to get a cramp in here chest and my leg started cramping up with about 2 minutes to go and I had to stop for water once because the running has loosened up all the fluids in my lungs and nasal passage (I won’t go into details but yeah pretty gross) and so I needed to some water so I could breathe easily again. But otherwise the run went great. I think that after today even the 5 mile run on Sunday seems pretty manageable. Maybe these professors who made up the training program really do know what they are talking about…. 🙂

My only concern right now is my left shin. It has started hurting a bit similar to when I got shin splints and so I am worried that I am starting to get them again. I really hope not because that could put a damper on the training. Hopefully my leg will feel better on Friday after a day and a half of rest. Keep your fingers crossed for me!




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