Our first venture into the great outdoors

5 02 2010

After two and a half weeks of running in circles around a 200 meter track today we did our first outdoor run. It’s amazing how different it was! Instead of constantly thinking about how much longer we have I was able to just focus on the course and enjoying the run. The time went so much faster and even though at some points it was harder because we now had to deal with the changing elevation throughout our course it was so much better than the indoor track.

In order to track our stats while we run I downloaded an app for my Blackberry called “iMapMyRun” which uses GPS to track our course, mileage, and pace. It then integrates with the Map My Run website and stores your runs, the maps of your courses, and all your stats. It even keeps track of how fast you run each mile so you can track where you are slowing down or speeding up.  Its pretty cool. Now I just need to get an armband or something so I don’t have to hold onto my phone the whole time.

I’m hoping we can run outside again on Sunday for our first 5 miler. The weather is supposed to turn tonight and snow up to 8 inches by tomorrow afternoon. Then on Sunday it is supposed to be in the low 20’s not including windchill so I’m worried about road conditions and the cold. I just can’t imagine running around in a circle for 5 miles so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!




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