Scrambling through the slush

7 02 2010

After all of the build up today seemed almost anticlimactic. In a good way of course. I had been so worried about the 5 mile run, and then to make matters more interesting on Friday night we had a snow storm leaving the roads covered with approximately a foot of snow so i wasn’t sure we were going to be very successful today. Luckily by today the sidewalks had mostly been cleared so we only had to run through a few areas of snow and quite a bit of slush. It definitely took its toll on our bodies. Making areas like hips, groins, ankles, and knees sore from having to stabilize ourselves constantly but otherwise it was fine! The run was a nice course that had a mix of elevations and was just a little longer than 5 miles. Despite the freezing forecast the weather was actually warmer than expected (in the upper 20’s) and besides a freezing foot thanks to stepping in slushy puddles we were actually warm the whole run.

Today has given me a lot more confidence in the training program and in myself to be able to complete the training and run a marathon. I’m looking forward to next week and our 6 mile run!




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