Week Four…looking forwards and looking back…

9 02 2010

I can’t believe we are almost a month into our training program. Its amazing the difference having someone to run with and keep you motivated makes in sticking to a program. Instead of dreading my runs I actually look forward to the chance to challenge myself and socialize with my friends. And the feeling when you’ve completed the run is just another bonus.

This week I have decided to recognize all of the benefits that my running has generated. I was inspired mainly by a disappointing weigh in yesterday. Instead of maintaining or improving my weight I gained back the 2 lbs I had lost the week before. For a while I was very down on myself about this. I know that it is because I did not eat very healthy last week especially over the weekend when I splurged on deserts and game day foods that if I had eaten in moderation probably would have been fine. Of course I didn’t binge eating is much more my style. Despite this though, looking at my life today compared to  3 weeks ago I can see drastic differences in my health and happiness. Instead of feeling depressed and lost I have a purpose again. I am happier with myself and with life in general. I have started to sleep well again, and now don’t feel the need to nap all day making me more tired and depressed. I have more energy and drive to be active. Instead of just thinking about needing to do something I have actually begun to accomplish things in my life again.

So while my waistline and weight are not shrinking as fast as I would like them to I am thankful for the other areas of my life that are improving and I know that if I keep at this my life will be so much the better just for finally completing a goal I set for myself.




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