Life is short… running makes it seem longer….

14 02 2010

….at least during the last mile of a six mile run 🙂

Our run today was great! I’ve been sick and Lisa has been fighting a cold for the last week so I was a bit leery about running 6 miles today. Especially since my boyfriend was telling me how crazy I was to run but I remembered reading an article on (a great website by the way) about it being ok to keep training as long as the sickness was only affecting you from the neck up and since I fell into that category I had no excuse to wimp out.

After running 5 miles last week and feeling great at the end of the run I was pretty confident going into our run today. I mean what is one more mile right? Well apparently not much except for when you add in about 3 more hills and try and end the last mile running pretty much uphill the whole way. We decided when we saw the last hill to change course and try and avoid most of it, but not ending on a hill was  pretty much impossible unless we wanted to have to walk a mile back to Lisa’s house. Wow it hurt. My entire body feels sore and tired now. I didn’t even realize I had some of these muscles before they started aching.

Even with the aches though I feel great! We ran 6 miles in under an hour and even ran our 2nd and 3rd mile at a 9 minute mile pace without even realizing it! So much for taking it easy while we recover from being sick 🙂 I can’t wait till we start next week!




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