Mid Week Excitement…

17 02 2010

I really am falling into a bad habit of forgetting to post about my runs on the day that they happen… I promise I will try and do better. Though I am not sure that these next two weeks will be the best for following through on that promise because on Friday I am leaving to visit my best friend in Arizona!!! I am so excited. I have not seen her since Thanksgiving 2008 so its been a while and I may fall behind on my posts, but I am so looking forward to being able to run outside in the warm desert. The only thing I am worried about is scorpions and tarantulas… I hear they live down there. I’m just hoping they like to stay underground in the winter? If they don’t you will definitely be hearing about it.

Now to add to the excitement I’m sure you all are feeling…. Today we ran 4 miles at an average pace of 9:40/mile! That is the fastest pace we have averaged ever! We even managed to get our 2nd mile done in under 9 minutes! I am honestly shocked, this morning I could barely breath. My cold has not gone away yet and I forgot to take my medicine last night so I was definitely struggling to get in good quality breaths but somehow despite that we had a great run!

Yesterday’s run was good as well. We ran our average pace of just under a 10 minute mile and felt pretty good afterwards. Its strange though that we run so much faster on our long runs than on our short runs. I think thats a little backwards but maybe we’ll be able tp pick up the pace of our 3 miler this Friday.

Now for the last piece of good news to add to the excitement of the week. Next Monday I will be in Truckee California interviewing for a job! I am really excited and would be so happy if I was able to go back to work. The only downside would be that I would lose my running partner 😦 I can’t even imagine doing the long runs on my own now so it will definitely be tough if I have to go it alone, but I will still plan on finishing the training and running the marathon either way. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’ll take all the good vibes I can get!




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