On the go… :)

19 02 2010

I’m writing on the go today! Right now I am in the airport waiting for my flight to Phoenix. 🙂 this morning was my first run without Lisa and since I hadn’t left yet I decided to try and take my puppy with me on the run. I always forget before I leave that I swear I’ll never take him out running again… He’s adorable but much too excited and distracted to be a good running partner. My arm felt like it was going to be ripped out of its socket at some points. Overall we finished our three miles with an average pace of around 11 min/mile which included several bathroom stops and a couple of incidents involving dog sightings…

Afrerwards I was a little frustrated but happy we had managed to complete our three miles. Jaxson on the other hand was exhausted. The picture shows him post run 🙂

Well its time to board almost! I can’t believe my next post will be from warm and sunny AZ!.




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