Snake bites and dog chases…

3 03 2010

I know it is cliche but today for the first time running I was chased by a dog. Now it wasn’t a big dog or really a scary one, it was a little chihuahua type dog that managed to jump over a fence to chase be about a block. Other than being concerned it might bite my ankles I wasn’t too concerned. However when I’d ditched the dog I realized that my leg really hurt. I looked down and saw that I had all sorts of thorns in my right leg. According to Elsie they call those snake bites here. I don’t remember running into the plant but it must have happened around the time I was being chased.

Otherwise the run was great. I finished my 3 miles in 28 minutes 8 seconds. Thats my fastest time yet! I’m going to miss running outside and not having to worry about slipping on ice or slushy snow, but I’m excited to go home tomorrow, I miss my puppy!  Maybe I’ll brave taking him on a run again….




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