Goodbye Pennsylvania…

10 03 2010

Today was my last run as a resident of the state of Pennsylvania. Tomorrow I get in my car and begin the 3 day trek across country to my new home, Reno Nevada. It is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I am excited but a little sad at the same time. Pennsylvania has treated me well ever since I moved here for college in 2005 and I will miss it.

Our runs this week went well.  We did 3 miles yesterday and 5 miles today. The run today was hard, at least for the first 3 miles or so. After the 3 mile point it wasn’t so bad other than my knee which hasn’t stopped hurting since I ran those hills in Arizona. Hopefully I figure out a good way to manage the pain because I don’t think I can run 26.2 miles with it hurting as much as it did today. I guess I’ll have to start icing and taking pain pills…

So long for now… see you in Reno.




One response

12 03 2010
Uncle Ike

I admire you for trying to do a marathon! That is pretty neat!! I have always thought I should…. 😦
…maybe in the next life….
What takes you to Reno??

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