Back in Action!!!

26 04 2010

Well I am back. Don’t worry I haven’t died or forgotten about my challenge. I have just not had access to the internet since the move on a consistent basis and my BlackBerry made me delete my WordPress app so I couldn’t publish from my phone anymore. So here’s whats been happening in my running life.

I’ve sucked! Since I don’t have a running partner and I wasn’t blogging about my run I lost all accountability for my training. It is pretty pathetic really. I have decided that I am no longer going to let that get in my way though and I am ready to make up for lost time. I’ve set my sights on the San Fransisco Marathon on July 25th and I will not be deterred. I’ll also be running the Bay to Breakers 12K on May 15th so I’ll have a chance to run the city before the big race! Plus its an awesome chance to see my cousin 🙂 My training is going to be a bit intense until then because I have to make up for being a slacker the last few weeks but hopefully I should be back onto a regular training week by the end of May and then it will be smooth sailing (schedule wise) till July.

As for today’s run my blogging is a little pre-mature as I slacked off this morning and so have to run when I get home. But my plan is to not let that happen again. I’ll just not allow myself to sleep on the couch from now on because it was not comfy and I was waking up constantly. Lesson learned! Sad that an air mattress is more comfortable than my couch for sleeping? Maybe but oh well. It was free!

So anyways, to wrap up. Thanks for reading. Sorry I’ve been a slacker. I will be better! Talk to you tomorrow! 🙂




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