Back on track!

28 04 2010

Well since my last post I have successfully completed all my planned runs. And in faster times than I expected. Because the weather has been bad these last few days I have been putting on the miles on the treadmill and though it is tough to stay interested when you are staring at a wall I’ve found that pushing my pace helps the time fly by. I remember when I first started running and running at a 6 mph pace was pushing it for me. Yesterday I finished off my 4 mile run by running at a 7 mile per hour pace for the last mile. It was amazing to me that I could even manage that pace when only 4 months ago I would have been left gasping for air after about a minute. I know that my times won’t be nearly as good when I get back to running outside, since I’ll have the hills and the altitude to compete with but it’s just exciting to see the progress that I’ve made over the last couple of months! Now to keep pushing ahead. July 25th is getting closer each day!




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