There was an old lady who swallowed a fly…or maybe three

7 05 2010

Ok so I don’t actually qualify as an old lady yet, but this song was definitely playing through my head as I managed to swallow not one, but three flies yesterday during my run. Having to ward of bugs dive bombing the back of my throat was not something I anticipated when I first decided to start running but I’m going to have to come up with some strategy to combat the little devils. I do not enjoy swallowing bugs.

Besides the assault on my throat the run was great. The weather was perfect, the river was gorgeous and when I finished I felt like I could have kept running for several miles. Jaxson didn’t even have any problems with the 8 miles other than boredom. Apparently he doesn’t consider me as good of company as I consider him. By the time we only had .02 miles left he had decided to revolt and laid down in some grass refusing to budge until he was allowed off the leash. Of course once he was off he took off after another dog and continued to run and play for another 30 minutes or so and still managed to not be tired when we got home. I am pretty sure he could run a marathon on his own right now.

As for my 3 mile run through the hills things were not as good as hoped. I had to walk up most of the steep inclines and only managed to finish with a 11 min/mile average. I’m going to keep at it though. Next time my goal is to be able to run every other switch back up the main part of the incline. Eventually I will make it up that hill!

But for now I am happy to have a day off to take Jaxson to the dog park and enjoy some quality puppy play time!




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