12 05 2010

So my ten-mile run is today. I can’t lie I am a bit nervous. After my last attempt at running the ten miles failed so miserably I’m not sure how I’ll do. I know I need to be confident going into the run and I know I can finish but I still have that little bit of doubt in the back of my head.

Because my 8 miler went so well and the only thing I did different that day was eat a huge lunch of not exactly the healthiest food (hamburger and french fries…at least not fast food though) I decided that today for lunch I would for go my wimpy salad or leftovers and eat a big meal. I went a bit healthier this time with a bagel sandwich but I’m hoping that having eaten more I’ll have some extra energy to keep me going throughout the run. I’ve also decided to bring Jaxson along. Though that is primarily out of guilt. I don’t want to go home and then abandon him for another 2 hours after being left alone all day so I’m hoping he is up for the run. He did fine after the eight miler so I think he will be ok as long as he doesn’t get too bored.




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