21 05 2010

So I finally have the internet and a working computer at my apartment again. I know this has nothing to do with running or my marathon training but I am still very excited! Plus it means that I can start adding pictures from my runs onto the blog to make it prettier 🙂

Today and yesterday’s runs went pretty well. They were a 4 and 6 miler. It was the first run in a while where I had to have Jaxson on the leash which I now remember is not fun. But I was getting bored of running the same few routes just so Jaxson could run off leash.

I am also very excited that I have almost caught up to where I can start taking 3 days off each week again. Skipping a week of running was a very bad decision but I am happy that I have made up for it and after my 12 mile run on Monday I will be back to running my long runs on Sundays and not having to run all three of my mid-week runs back to back! It is going to be awesome and I’m sure my body could use the rest.  I think Jaxson will also like not being dragged on my long runs. The poor guy was a bit sore after our 11 miler this week. Admittedly so was I but I don’t have to see myself limp. But I have to say I do enjoy how calm and tired he is after our runs!

I’m so happy with my training! One more day of running this week and then a well deserved day of rest on Sunday! Woohoo!!!!




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