Wipe out!!!

24 05 2010

Today was my first 12 mile run. And all in all I’d have to say it went pretty well. Jaxson ran it with me and he was a trooper. He didn’t even run off and make me chase him down because he was trying to get away from a biker (yes this has happened before). However he did cause one minor mishap.

It all started around mile 8. He was starting to get bored with running and decided instead to try to uproot trees so that he could play with their roots. (He mistook them for roots) Unfortunately for me one of these roots happened to be right by my foot as he lunged for it. Instead of getting the root he got me tangled up and tripped me. I’d like to say my fall was graceful and not at all oafish but that would be a lie. I landed on my hands and knees. Lucky for my hands I had Jaxson’s leash and my water bottle protecting them. Unlucky for my knees there was nothing. My poor knees are now quite scraped 😦  

Despite this setback I did manage to finish my 12 miles and in great time! All in all I was running for 2:01:46 which averages to 10:08 min/mile! Pretty awesome considering I used to run 3 miles with a slower average!

Now I’m off to ice my knees and eat some well deserved dinner! Ciao!




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