Hills vs. Delina

29 05 2010

Yesterday I got a serious butt kicking by the hills. I’m sure the fact that I let myself get dehydrated didn’t help me, but I had no chance either way. Though in my defense I did manage to make it up one good-sized hill, but the next 6 or so laid the smack down on me. I was so out of breath from the first hill that I could barely walk up the next ones. I was seriously considering just laying down and hoping I’d discover teleportation so I could make it back to the top of the course without actually having to move. If you would like some perspective on how high the hills are here’s a picture of the switch backs I have to go up to get to the top of the course.

Switch backs of death

Of course the dehydration did not help. I have become too lackadaisical ¬†about making sure I drink enough water each day. Which admittedly has been good for my work because it means I’ve been busy and forget to fill up my water bottle, but is not so good when I am running. I was having such a hard time running and I had no idea why until I saw Jaxson drinking from the river and realized that I was so thirsty I wished I could drink from the river like my dog. They say that if you feel thirsty your body is already lower on water than you should ever let it be. So I was definitely not in prime running condition. I could just picture my poor little cells all shrunken from lack of water by the end of the run. Admittedly that probably did not help me get through the run any faster but oh well its too late for that. I will just have to make sure I am better about drinking water, I do not want to feel like I did yesterday on my 14 mile run tomorrow!




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