The 14 mile beast…

2 06 2010

I am late on typing this and I apologize. My fourteen mile run on Sunday left me so exhausted that I literally got home cleaned up and crawled into bed. The run started off fine. I had new running shorts which were amazingly comfortable, and I bought a little fanny pack type thing to carry my phone, keys, and other items in so my hands would be free during the run. All in all I was pumped for the run. Then I hit about mile four and realized that I had gone halfway through my water bottle full of Gu already. By mile 7 I was running on empty.

The only thing that gave me hope throughout the run was the water fountains I knew were ahead of me. Each time I reached one I stopped and walked, and each time I reached one I was dismayed to realize it didn’t work.

I was so dehydrated I had to stop running to walk more and more. I was getting chills and since it was over 70 degrees outside I knew that was definitely not a good sign. Then to top things off I got a major stitch in my side and my right ear filled with probably the only fluids left in my body, making it sound from that ear like I was Darth Vader every time I took a breath.

When I finally got back to my apartment and weighed myself I found out that I had lost over 5 lbs of fluids on my run. I am lucky that I did not have any more ill effects than the complete exhaustion that over took me for the next two days. I will not let another run like this happen again.

As for my four miler yesterday…it was ok. I got really bad stitches in both my sides right under my ribcage that hurt like hell. But I finished and felt fine when the stitches finally went away. I think was continued effects of not having made up all the fluids I lost on Sunday. Hopefully todays run will be better.




One response

3 06 2010

Great job baby your improving so much im so proud of you keep it up !

P.s. you are my marathon running

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