4 06 2010

My last two runs have been pretty uneventful, so I guess that’s good, right?

I found a new trail head and so Jaxson and I went exploring today. The first 2 miles were pretty much straight uphill and so I did pretty awful. I managed to run some of it but ended up having to walk a lot. I don’t know what is up because this time it wasn’t that I was out of breath going up the hills like before, but my one calf burned so so so badly. It was pretty much unbearable. I managed to run 3 miles down hill and flat in the same time it took me to run the first 2 miles. I also managed to take a wrong turn on the way back and ended up about 1.5 miles from where we had started. Thank god I had my phone and Google Maps or I could have been wandering around a strange neighborhood for a long time.

As for the stitches that have been making an appearance, I think I have decided they are due to poor running posture. I am going to have to start doing some core exercises to make it easier for me to maintain the proper running position throughout my long runs. 16 miles will be miserable if I have to deal with pains in my side the whole way!




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