8:47 per mile!!!

15 07 2010

That’s right I ran 3 miles in 26:26 which averages out to right around 8:47 minutes per mile! I can’t believe I could do it and still feel good afterwards. I mean it was challenging because I was slightly dying of heat stroke in the 90 degree weather, but otherwise it wasn’t bad. I didn’t feel out of breath or like I couldn’t keep going. A year and a half ago I probably could never have even run a mile in 8:47. I’m so amazed at how much I’ve improved since I started 🙂


It’s Official!!!!!!

12 07 2010

Today I officially registered to run the San Francisco marathon!!!! I can’t believe it is less than two weeks away. I do not feel prepared. I know the training book said if you can run 18 miles you can run 26.2 miles, but now that’s all I have left it doesn’t seem possible.

It doesn’t help that I have sucked at staying motivated these last couple of weeks. I don’t know how I went from running 16 miles in awesome time to having no motivation to even run 5 miles. I know in part it was because I had people visiting me which made running a chore I needed to get done so I could play instead of the thing I look forward to each day.  But my lack of discipline was still inexcusable. Because of it, I am now missing a week of taper because I needed to make up my long run. Hopefully this won’t hurt me too much.

On a more positive note I did run 18 miles yesterday, and while I didn’t rock it like I did the last 16 miler it was still pretty good. I finished in 3:11:17 which averages out at 10:37 minutes/mile. Not bad at all. I am aiming for somewhere around 11-11:30 minutes/mile at the marathon since I know I’ll need to conserve energy for those last 8 miles.  The other good news from yesterdays run is that I have a much smaller patch of skin missing from my back this time than I did after the 16 miler. It may be a small accomplishment, but I’ll take what I can get  🙂

Anyway, this week my running schedule should be pretty simple. I run 3,5,3,8. I admit it will be nice to not have to plan for 3 hours of my day being taken up by running. I miss my little 30 minute runs.   Now I will leave you with the wisdom of a much more accomplished runner: “Do the things that you used to do without fear. Take the risk. It’s all right to fall down and scab your knees.” (Side note: while its okay it definitely hurts…can you tell I’m still a little bitter about Jaxson tripping me…)

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly…or maybe three

7 05 2010

Ok so I don’t actually qualify as an old lady yet, but this song was definitely playing through my head as I managed to swallow not one, but three flies yesterday during my run. Having to ward of bugs dive bombing the back of my throat was not something I anticipated when I first decided to start running but I’m going to have to come up with some strategy to combat the little devils. I do not enjoy swallowing bugs.

Besides the assault on my throat the run was great. The weather was perfect, the river was gorgeous and when I finished I felt like I could have kept running for several miles. Jaxson didn’t even have any problems with the 8 miles other than boredom. Apparently he doesn’t consider me as good of company as I consider him. By the time we only had .02 miles left he had decided to revolt and laid down in some grass refusing to budge until he was allowed off the leash. Of course once he was off he took off after another dog and continued to run and play for another 30 minutes or so and still managed to not be tired when we got home. I am pretty sure he could run a marathon on his own right now.

As for my 3 mile run through the hills things were not as good as hoped. I had to walk up most of the steep inclines and only managed to finish with a 11 min/mile average. I’m going to keep at it though. Next time my goal is to be able to run every other switch back up the main part of the incline. Eventually I will make it up that hill!

But for now I am happy to have a day off to take Jaxson to the dog park and enjoy some quality puppy play time!

Back in Action!!!

26 04 2010

Well I am back. Don’t worry I haven’t died or forgotten about my challenge. I have just not had access to the internet since the move on a consistent basis and my BlackBerry made me delete my WordPress app so I couldn’t publish from my phone anymore. So here’s whats been happening in my running life.

I’ve sucked! Since I don’t have a running partner and I wasn’t blogging about my run I lost all accountability for my training. It is pretty pathetic really. I have decided that I am no longer going to let that get in my way though and I am ready to make up for lost time. I’ve set my sights on the San Fransisco Marathon on July 25th and I will not be deterred. I’ll also be running the Bay to Breakers 12K on May 15th so I’ll have a chance to run the city before the big race! Plus its an awesome chance to see my cousin 🙂 My training is going to be a bit intense until then because I have to make up for being a slacker the last few weeks but hopefully I should be back onto a regular training week by the end of May and then it will be smooth sailing (schedule wise) till July.

As for today’s run my blogging is a little pre-mature as I slacked off this morning and so have to run when I get home. But my plan is to not let that happen again. I’ll just not allow myself to sleep on the couch from now on because it was not comfy and I was waking up constantly. Lesson learned! Sad that an air mattress is more comfortable than my couch for sleeping? Maybe but oh well. It was free!

So anyways, to wrap up. Thanks for reading. Sorry I’ve been a slacker. I will be better! Talk to you tomorrow! 🙂

Week Two, Day Two (a day late)

28 01 2010

Sorry I am a bit behind in posting this. Amid my excitement of finally beating the bane of my existence on Call of Duty yesterday I completely forgot I needed to post about my morning run. 🙂

The run went great. Much better than Monday’s had been. I didn’t feel like dying and managed to feel energized and motivated the entire run.  Lisa’s friend Kelly who is training for a half marathon also joined us so we had a little gang running around the track together. It was a lot of fun. We also ran faster that we had on Monday though still over 10 minute miles so I am hoping to get us down to a faster pace at least for our early week runs. I know that our Sunday runs are going to be slower since thats when we will be adding on the miles but by the end of this I would like to be able to run three miles in around 9 minutes a mile at the most. We’ll see how that goes!

Week Two, Day One

25 01 2010

With week one over, I was expecting week two to be a bit easier. We are following the same training schedule as last week. Four days of 30 minute runs and three days of rest interspersed throughout. If this morning was any indication though, I was very wrong.

Throughout our run I had to stop and drink water twice this morning and our pace was noticeably slower than normal. I felt like quitting many times. I am hoping it was only because I didn’t follow my normal routine of waking up an hour early to eat and hydrate, and the four hours of sleep I got the night before that made the run much harder. I guess we will find out soon. 🙂

P.S. The body stats are in, and while most have not changed with only one week of exercising and adjusted diet I have lost 5 lbs since last week! I know I can’t keep up that kind of change from week to week but its a promising start!

The beginning…

19 01 2010

Welcome to my blog! Since we are meeting for the first time (or maybe not :)) I thought I would introduce myself. I am a 23 year old, unemployed, food lover, and closet sugar addict. Promising candidate for a marathon, right? None the less I have set the goal of training and running a marathon. This is not a new goal, I tried last year, got 4 weeks into my training and lost my motivation.  This time I want things to be different and that’s where you come in.

You my unknowing and probably non-existant readership are here to keep me honest. Funny that its easier to be open and honest to complete strangers than it is to your friends and family, especially when it comes to failure, but after trying to come up with a way to stay motivated this seemed the perfect option.  And if anyone else wants to join in on the training the more the merrier.

My training plan is found in the book “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer” by David A. Whitsett, Forrest A. Dolgener, and Tanjala Mabon Kole. It was written by two professors who have taught a course on marathon running with a 100% success rate for completion and by one of the members of the class offering her perspective throughout the entire training process.

Along with my training I will be keeping track of my eating as well as body statistics like BMI, weight, waist size, and resting heart rate. Some for vanities sake and others to monitor how the running is improving my over all health.

And so without further ado we begin Delina’s Marathon Challenge!