The 14 mile beast…

2 06 2010

I am late on typing this and I apologize. My fourteen mile run on Sunday left me so exhausted that I literally got home cleaned up and crawled into bed. The run started off fine. I had new running shorts which were amazingly comfortable, and I bought a little fanny pack type thing to carry my phone, keys, and other items in so my hands would be free during the run. All in all I was pumped for the run. Then I hit about mile four and realized that I had gone halfway through my water bottle full of Gu already. By mile 7 I was running on empty.

The only thing that gave me hope throughout the run was the water fountains I knew were ahead of me. Each time I reached one I stopped and walked, and each time I reached one I was dismayed to realize it didn’t work.

I was so dehydrated I had to stop running to walk more and more. I was getting chills and since it was over 70 degrees outside I knew that was definitely not a good sign. Then to top things off I got a major stitch in my side and my right ear filled with probably the only fluids left in my body, making it sound from that ear like I was Darth Vader every time I took a breath.

When I finally got back to my apartment and weighed myself I found out that I had lost over 5 lbs of fluids on my run. I am lucky that I did not have any more ill effects than the complete exhaustion that over took me for the next two days. I will not let another run like this happen again.

As for my four miler yesterday…it was ok. I got really bad stitches in both my sides right under my ribcage that hurt like hell. But I finished and felt fine when the stitches finally went away. I think was continued effects of not having made up all the fluids I lost on Sunday. Hopefully todays run will be better.


Hills vs. Delina

29 05 2010

Yesterday I got a serious butt kicking by the hills. I’m sure the fact that I let myself get dehydrated didn’t help me, but I had no chance either way. Though in my defense I did manage to make it up one good-sized hill, but the next 6 or so laid the smack down on me. I was so out of breath from the first hill that I could barely walk up the next ones. I was seriously considering just laying down and hoping I’d discover teleportation so I could make it back to the top of the course without actually having to move. If you would like some perspective on how high the hills are here’s a picture of the switch backs I have to go up to get to the top of the course.

Switch backs of death

Of course the dehydration did not help. I have become too lackadaisical  about making sure I drink enough water each day. Which admittedly has been good for my work because it means I’ve been busy and forget to fill up my water bottle, but is not so good when I am running. I was having such a hard time running and I had no idea why until I saw Jaxson drinking from the river and realized that I was so thirsty I wished I could drink from the river like my dog. They say that if you feel thirsty your body is already lower on water than you should ever let it be. So I was definitely not in prime running condition. I could just picture my poor little cells all shrunken from lack of water by the end of the run. Admittedly that probably did not help me get through the run any faster but oh well its too late for that. I will just have to make sure I am better about drinking water, I do not want to feel like I did yesterday on my 14 mile run tomorrow!

Rage Running

26 05 2010

Today’s run was terrible. Not because of my pace, or because I was in pain, but because I was angry and instead of using my run to calm my rage I focused on it and let it consume me.

Why was I angry? Because my dog had a major accident while I was at work. Now he is usually very well potty trained but this is not the first time he has had this problem since I started working again, and despite his other incidents I stupidly believe it won’t happen again because I don’t want to kennel him all day. And for my stupidity I am rewarded with hours of cleaning in an attempt to try to get poo stains out of my carpet. When I got home and saw what had happened I was so angry I wanted to scream and cry all at the same time. Of course I have no one to scream at or cry to because even if I did scream at the dog he wouldn’t understand I was upset at something he did hours ago. So instead I decided to run.

This probably would have worked if I didn’t out of guilt for leaving him home alone all day take Jaxson, the source of my anger, with me. Every time Jaxson pulled or needed to stop to pee I was reminded of why I was angry and it just increased my anger. Now not only was I angry at him for his accident but for pulling me in a direction I didn’t want to go, or for trying to sniff the dog we were passing. Four miles was never so miserable.

I am calming down now slowly as I write this, but even still I want to cry with frustration and so I apologize for ranting to you unknown readers but I have no one here in Reno to talk to and I need an outlet for my pent-up emotions. Next time I will just leave my dog at home and run away from the anger but for now I will just live with writing it away and moving on to tomorrow with the optimism and motivation I know I have deep down inside me.

Wipe out!!!

24 05 2010

Today was my first 12 mile run. And all in all I’d have to say it went pretty well. Jaxson ran it with me and he was a trooper. He didn’t even run off and make me chase him down because he was trying to get away from a biker (yes this has happened before). However he did cause one minor mishap.

It all started around mile 8. He was starting to get bored with running and decided instead to try to uproot trees so that he could play with their roots. (He mistook them for roots) Unfortunately for me one of these roots happened to be right by my foot as he lunged for it. Instead of getting the root he got me tangled up and tripped me. I’d like to say my fall was graceful and not at all oafish but that would be a lie. I landed on my hands and knees. Lucky for my hands I had Jaxson’s leash and my water bottle protecting them. Unlucky for my knees there was nothing. My poor knees are now quite scraped 😦  

Despite this setback I did manage to finish my 12 miles and in great time! All in all I was running for 2:01:46 which averages to 10:08 min/mile! Pretty awesome considering I used to run 3 miles with a slower average!

Now I’m off to ice my knees and eat some well deserved dinner! Ciao!


21 05 2010

So I finally have the internet and a working computer at my apartment again. I know this has nothing to do with running or my marathon training but I am still very excited! Plus it means that I can start adding pictures from my runs onto the blog to make it prettier 🙂

Today and yesterday’s runs went pretty well. They were a 4 and 6 miler. It was the first run in a while where I had to have Jaxson on the leash which I now remember is not fun. But I was getting bored of running the same few routes just so Jaxson could run off leash.

I am also very excited that I have almost caught up to where I can start taking 3 days off each week again. Skipping a week of running was a very bad decision but I am happy that I have made up for it and after my 12 mile run on Monday I will be back to running my long runs on Sundays and not having to run all three of my mid-week runs back to back! It is going to be awesome and I’m sure my body could use the rest.  I think Jaxson will also like not being dragged on my long runs. The poor guy was a bit sore after our 11 miler this week. Admittedly so was I but I don’t have to see myself limp. But I have to say I do enjoy how calm and tired he is after our runs!

I’m so happy with my training! One more day of running this week and then a well deserved day of rest on Sunday! Woohoo!!!!

Bay to Breakers and my 11 miler!

18 05 2010

Running is awesome! I just finished my 11 mile run and I feel great. I am definitely going to finish a marathon this summer! I don’t even know what else to say I just feel amazing and motivated and like I can accomplish anything. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed and improved since I’ve started this challenge.

And just to make things even better I ran the Bay to Breakers 12k this weekend in San Francisco with my cousin and it was great! It was so much fun to see all the people dressed up and so nice to have my cous running it with me. I even managed to run the entire half mile 11% incline hill! I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do that. All in all I am just so happy! I am a marathoner!!!

Martha and me crossing the finish line!


12 05 2010

So my ten-mile run is today. I can’t lie I am a bit nervous. After my last attempt at running the ten miles failed so miserably I’m not sure how I’ll do. I know I need to be confident going into the run and I know I can finish but I still have that little bit of doubt in the back of my head.

Because my 8 miler went so well and the only thing I did different that day was eat a huge lunch of not exactly the healthiest food (hamburger and french fries…at least not fast food though) I decided that today for lunch I would for go my wimpy salad or leftovers and eat a big meal. I went a bit healthier this time with a bagel sandwich but I’m hoping that having eaten more I’ll have some extra energy to keep me going throughout the run. I’ve also decided to bring Jaxson along. Though that is primarily out of guilt. I don’t want to go home and then abandon him for another 2 hours after being left alone all day so I’m hoping he is up for the run. He did fine after the eight miler so I think he will be ok as long as he doesn’t get too bored.